I want nothing more than for this site cataloging our journey to be genuine; I want you to see us as we are, and be a part of where we are going. The time in this RV did not come easily. I can't pretend that making dreams happen isn't messy. There were hard days, months and years leading up to packing our things into plastic containers and storing them away indefinitely. There were moments of anger and tears and despair. There were times I thought we’d never get where we wanted to go.

But we did. 

We were determined. We kept working toward our goal. We made difficult sacrifices along the way. Slowly, not on our own timing, one tiny piece at a time, we took the first step in this adventure. That’s why this journey is so much more than just travel to me. Although I'm enjoying the experience immensely, it's more than just the experience. This trip is also a time to step back and be purposeful, to work on where we want to be next and who we want to be (we didn't like who we were becoming).  I excel at placing stresses on myself that are unnecessary and I want to work through that. I also want a job where at the end of the day, I’m satisfied and fulfilled because I helped someone else feel that way. I want to let go of holding myself back because I’m afraid. I want to strengthen our marriage and work through some of the things we've ignored because we've been too busy or tired or stressed. I want to make the right choices for our health. I want to see beauty and enjoy it.  I want to live in the memories we're making. I want you to know that there's always hope and that there's always a way. We're going to wander, but there's a rhythm, a purpose, that we're following.

I can’t promise we won’t wander in the wrong direction along the way (we will), but I’d like to invite you to be part of this journey with us.