New Mexico

It's officially been five months since we've been on the road! And I have officially done a terrible job of sharing our travel photos with you (I do much better on Instagram, I promise!). I couldn't let another several months go by without sharing one of the most beautiful parts of our journey with youthe southwest. We took so many photos of New Mexico alone, we're still catching up (I'll get to the Arizona photos one of these days. Really.). Everywhere we've been has been lovely in it's own way, but the southwest completely caught me off guard. I'd never been there and therefore hadn't thought much about the area. I couldn't have been more pleasantly surprised by how enchanting this part of the country is. As you'll see from the highlight reel, the skies are incredible! 


The first evening sky we saw in New Mexico. Carlsbad, NM.


We just loved this place! Great views and a fun hike. Oliver Lee Memorial State Park. Alamogordo, NM.


I mean, what else can I say about this? Cute guy, awesome view. Oliver Lee Memorial State Park. Alamogordo, NM.


After Oliver Lee, we headed to White Sands. Being from Michigan, we're not strangers to sand dunes, but the combination of sand dunes in the desert surrounded by mountains had us floored. It was the craziest combo! 


White Sands, NM.


Our next stop, and definitely worth the crazy drive in, was to Aguirre Springs Campground in the Organ Mountains. Las Cruces, NM.


Organ Mountains, just outside Las Cruces, NM. 


And now, my favorite place thus far. Angel Peak near Bloomfield, NM. 


Sunset at Angel Peak. Bloomfield, NM. 


I could fill several posts with the photos we took at Angel Peak. Between the badlands, the sunsets, and the beautiful calm that filled the area, we could have stayed for weeks. If you're ever in the area, I highly recommend staying here.