RV Solar Install Part 1

Solar power is not one size fits all. We had to choose components for our system carefully to ensure that everything worked together properly and safely. For someone with no electrical training other than a build-your-own crystal radio and some books, this would not have been possible without the internet. Thanks to the knowledge shared by people like Bob Shearer and Jack Mayer, I was able to piece together a system that not only worked, but worked well.

It's now been three months that we've lived exclusively on solar power, and I feel confident enough in the system to recommend every single one of the parts I purchased.

Here’s our setup:

4x DM Solar 158W panels

Morningstar Tristar PWM-45 charge controller (with remote temperature sensor) and 60 amp fused disconnect box - translates power from the panels to charge our battery bank (photo taken during wiring installation)

2x Crown CR-260 deep cycle marine batteries - our battery bank. Hiding between the batteries is my battery hydrometer, which lets me test the health of our batteries. 


Magnum MMS-1012 power inverter (bottom) - provides AC power to the entire RV as well as plug-in charging capabilities.